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Who we are and What we do came into existence to achieve the purpose of helping devotees in fulfilling their rituals and spiritual goals.

Rituals play an important role in the cultural and religious lives of the devotees.

We believe performing religious hindu rituals can take us closer to god and thus benefits entire mankind, environment and society. We perform all pujas and yagyas at Shri Pardeshwar Shiv Mandir located at Aurangabad in Maharashtra except those listed under Pujas @ Temples category. Pujas @ Temples will be facilitated by our representatives at the respective temples in India. In today’s increasingly urbanized, technological, intellectual and materialistic world it makes very difficult for any individual to perform rituals at temples or at their own place. With an insight to provide best, authentic and 100% genuine products and services we initiated Our agenda is to provide reliable, low cost and genuine puja and astrology services to devotees. We strongly believe and support the initiative taken by our team to create awareness about hindu religion by providing accurate and comprehensive source of information related to hinduism and religious practises.

Our Team:

Promoter and Chief Astrologer:

Shri Anand Guruji

Shri Anand Guruji is renowned and famous astrologer with experience of more that 40 years. He has mastered secrets of Chaturveda, Upanishadh and Mahapuran Bhagvadgita. Guriji possess incredible inborn knowledge of Astrology that has truly benefited thousands of devotees. Guruji has successfully resolved any sort of oldest problems like child birth, marriage issues, failures in worklife. Anand guruji is well versed with knowledge of Homas and Havans, which he mastered from his teacher Shri Panditji Ramnathji Mishra in himalayas. Evil influence of planets (graha) in any indivisual’s horoscope gives rise to helpless diseases and personal problems. Guruji possess mastered skill in dealing and curing such cases by offering poojas, chanting paths etc. and has gained non-captive authority in doing so.
Guruji is also founder of Shri Pardeshwar Shiv Mandir located at Aurangabad, Maharashtra. Guruji with his extensive spiritual experience and in depth study has expertise in Business Prediction, Kundali Matching, Career Prediction, Mangal Dosha Analysis and Any type of Personal or Professional problem.

Head Administration

Shrimati Savita Anand

Smt. Savita heads the Finance and Marketing and jointly co-heads operations at She has been working in teaching field since last 25 years.
She has a vision to support health, education and culture.

Shrimati Jayesha Wagholkar

Smt. Jayesha heads the operations at and takes care of administrative activities at pardeshwar shiv mandir. Prior to this she was working with leading MNC's such as Videocon, Whirlpool etc.
She has a vision to support and help all devotees across the world to achieve their religious and spiritual objectives. She is responsible for coordinating and conducting day to day pujas and other religious activities.


Shri Shiv Prasad

Pandit Shri Shiv Prasad has taken a vedic degree from Sanskrit Vishva Vidyalaya, Haridwar Uttarakhand. He has over 15 years of experience in conducting pujas at various temples in haridwar.

Shri Satyendra Prasad

Pandit Shri Satyendra Prasad is well versed in all vedas and mantras and possess a ved degree from Vaishnav Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya, Haraidwar Uttarakhand. He has over 15 years of experience in conducting Pujas and homas.

Shri Nagendra Acharya

Pandit Shri Nagendra Acharya is a vedic master from Sanskrit Vishva Vidyalaya, Haridwar Uttarakhand. He has over 20 years of experience in conducting pujas at various temples in haridwar and varanasi. He is a renowned pandit due to his extensive knowledge in hindu mythology and religion.