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Monthly Archives: March 2014

  • Mahamrityunjay Puja

    Do you want to defeat DEATH??


    Come to YAGYAPUJA and strengthen yourself with MAHA MRITYUNJAY PUJA.

    The Maha Mrityunjay puja is presented to LORD SHIVA to conquer death. Maha Mrityunjay puja is one of the most effective spiritual processes of healing - to survive and rejuvenate a man or woman who is under a life threat and fighting against death. Mahamrityunjay is believed to be the most powerful yagyas as this mantra can bring back the life of the person who is very close to death. Mahamrityunjaya puja is performed to Lord Shiva to stay protected from bad health or from Akaal Mrityu. This puja also benefits to get rid of unholy spirits.

    Lord Shiva, when worshiped with MahaMrityunjaya Mantra gives the boon of sound health, long life, wealth, contentment and Peace. It is said that by doing Maha Mrityunjay Homa you can conquer death.

    Benefits of Maha Mrityunjaya Puja:

    • It is performed for long and revitalized life
    • It is believed to extended life span
    • It is performed for cure from chronic illness

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  • Holi Puja

    Is your child facing threats, illness and bad luck?

    An important puja on the occasion of Holi is the Dahan of Holi for Lord Vishnu who protected Prahlad from the evil Rakshas. If your child is facing any kind of threats, illness, bad luck etc. then Holika Dahan online puja may be mighty helpful for him/her.

    Also, if you perform Puja of Lord Shiva at this time you can get most positive benefits.

    Holika Dahan is the most important ritual performed at the time of Holi which is also considered a significant Holi Puja. People light bonfires on the eve of Holi to rejoice the success of 'good' over 'bad' which is called Holika Dahan.

    Benefits of Holipuja-

    1. Puja of Lord Shiva on this period can bring most positive benefits for your child
    2. If your child is facing any kind of threats, illness, bad luck etc. then Holika Dahan puja can be very effective. This puja is done for pleasing Lord Vishnu
    3. If you wish progress in career, long and healthy life and wish to get positive vibes of love towards you from your spouse then 'Thandi Holi' puja may be very beneficial. The whole puja process is considered very positive for the married women. It confirms healthy and prosperous life of their husband

    We at offer online puja for Holi Festival on behalf of our devotees at a special price INR 349. Click here to book now.

  • All Pujas and Yagyas at one place

    Now perform puja sitting at home/at your favorite temple

    Facebook_Post is a one click solution for the people who want to perform their pujas sitting at home, at their favorite temples.
    We are here to achieve the purpose of serving devotees in fulfilling their rituals and spiritual goals.

    Rituals play a significant role in the cultural and religious lives of the devotees. Our duty is to support the Hindu devotees across India and the world to achieve their spiritual goals and be nearer to the God.

    We perform all pujas and yagyas at the famous Shri Pardeshwar Shiv Mandir located at Aurangabad in Maharashtra and also in those listed under Pujas @ Temples category.

    This website is an effort to meet Indian community’s religious and spiritual vocations. We need your feedback and responses on this effort, to improve ourselves and to develop what we can offer you in this journey. Please send your queries and feedback at

    What we provide:-

    1. Pujas for special purpose & benefit (,
    2. Personalised puja at the requested temples (,
    3. Shipment of Prasad,
    4. Vedic astrology (,
    5. Vedic store (,
    6. Delivery / Shipment of Vedic Products in India and outside of India (,
    7. 100% secure shopping (,
    8. Tracking your order (
    We have a faithful team to confirm the Puja is carried out as per your desires on your behalf.
    For assistance-

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