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Sri Sukta Path

Sri Sukta-The ultimate way to worship Goddess Lakshmi 

Sri Sukta, also called Sri Suktam, is a Sanskrit devotional shloka referring Sri as Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth, prosperity and fertility. Sri Sukta is recited, with a strict adherence to the Chandas, to invoke the goddess' blessings.

Sri Sukta is the auspicious path performed to please goddess Laxmi, the goddess of abundance.

Sri Sukta is one of the pancha sukta, which is an intimate adoration, and worship of Mahalaxmi. It is believed that goddess Laxmi is not only the goddess of physical wealth but also applicable to the world of feelings and perception. The Sri Sukta path is performed by the people undergoing with the financial crisis and wish to overcome this crisis and earn wealth in abundance.

Shri Suktam is a prayer in which the glory, radiance, beauty, all forms of Lakshmi, her divinity, her motherhood, her blessings has been personified.

The recitation of Shri Suktam satisfies the divine mother to the utmost level and she showers her blessings upon her children.

Shri Lakshmi showcases eight forms, known as “ASHTA LAKSHMI” to eradicate poverty of eight types. Ancient scriptures say that a human being may face poverty of eight different types, so it is very important to eradicate all these with the divine blessings of Shri Lakshmi. The following are the eight forms of Shri Lakshmi.

Adi Lakshmi ( Maha Lakshmi)

Dhan Lakshmi ( bestower of wealth)

Dhanya lakshmi ( bestower of agricultural wealth)

Gaja Lakshmi ( bestower of power of royalty)

Var Lakshmi ( bestower of beautiful boons)

Santan Lakshmi ( bestower of progeny)

Vijay Lakshmi ( bestower of success)

Vidya Lakshmi ( bestower of knowledge)

It is very difficult to worship all the forms of Goddess Lakshmi, yet we would not like to miss on anyone of them. A recitation called “Shri Sukta” solves this problem. Shri Suktam is originally a part of Rig Veda. No one wrote the Vedas so no one has technically written Shri Suktam. The word Sukta means a statement of appreciation. The recitation of Shri Sukta has been praised by the gods themselves as well as the great sages and saints that appeared on this earth. It is even said that Shri Lakshmi may ignore any other recitation but she would never ignore the prayers through recitation of Shri Sukta and Shri Kanak Dhara stotra.

Shri Suktam is a prayer directed to Agni Dev, the god of fire. It is interesting to note that Lord Vishnu happens to be the Yagya Narayana and all the ahutis in a yagna are dedicated to Lord Shri Vishnu himself. So technically the prayer to Agni Dev is actually dedicated to Lord Shri Vishnu who is the husband of Goddess Lakshmi. It is a very humble prayer in which the glories, radiance, beauty, all forms of Lakshmi, her divinity, her motherhood, her blessings have been personified.

One important prayer among the different suktas relates to destruction of Jyeshtha Lakshmi. Shri Lakshmi has an elder sister known as Jyeshtha Lashmi and she is potent to do everything opposite what all Shri Lakshmi does. She rules grief, unhappiness, obstacles, conflicts, abusive language, delays, failure etc. The recitation of Shri Sukta helps and eradicates the existence of Shri Jyeshtha Lakshmi from one’s life. in association with Pardeshwar Shiv Mandir conducts Sri Sukta Path recitation everyday during Diwali from 21 October to 23 October 2014.

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May the divine Goddess Laxmi bless everyone!!!